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Here you can find all the various considerations and thoughts of some of my customers regarding the MillWood cutters sold in the last twenty years.

If you have any advice, request or criticism you can contact me directly here .


MillWood Series



Ferdinando is a great person, and since  as adults  people  great machines come, his MillWood2008 is no exception.  In fact, I use it daily  to be able to put the butter and jam  on rusks with centesimal precision. My wife and my three children abandoned me for my excessive precision, but my MillWood has always been with me.



I bought this machine to cut my life, and so it happened! I went from size 56 to 38! Thanks to Ferdinando and his reliable prodigies, I can now put on all the women's trousers I want! 



I bought a Chinese cutter for 400 euros, so I asked this Mr. If Ferdinando could fix it for me, he tried to help me! BUT WE ARE SKERZING!?!?! If I come to you with a problem, you have to solve it for me !!!!!! NN I ACCEPT EXCUSES like that: but madam, excuse me but this cutter is not mine and therefore I don't know how it works, I could try to fix it but this will take me some time and money "or" look at it has completely crooked bars and motors I constantly lose laps, if he wants I change them "UNACCEPTABLE !!!! 11 !! I'M DESPERATE! And now how can I get my nails done without this makkina!?! I only give two stars xk he's a nice guy.

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