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MillWoodXL Kit (out of stock)

For the first time, I give  the possibility of having the model of the new MillWoodXL cutter in kit form.

It often happens that I am asked about the possibility of having the cutter in the kit version to be assembled, thus being able to make some details independently or for  use a self-built control electronics, this also in order to dilute the initial cost o  reduce it.

With the new version of MillWood I have made some changes and tricks that I can make  easy assembly and also to adopt personal technical solutions, see the use of ball screws instead of the normal rolled with nut, use a worktop other than that in aluminum grooved profile, use stepper motors and electronics available on the web and various other solutions.

However, there remains the possibility of having the MillWoodXL assembled and ready for use.

The version to be assembled is proposed with a basic kit attached to which the construction drawings of the remaining parts (not of the main structure) and a video guide for the assembly of about 40 minutes are given. In the event that some details cannot be self-built, they can be taken immediately or at a later time.

Contact me for availability and possible purchase of the various kits here .

For possible doubts I have created a special section for the probable most frequently asked questions that I will keep constantly updated,  there  found here .



Y axis pieces

Y axis pieces

Z axis pieces

3 ball bearings

Mounting screws

2 circular washers

1 sliced washer

NOTE basic kit: with this kit you will not have the possibility to immediately have a working mechanics but you will have to add other fundamental details.

My advice is  to immediately take together at least the kit relating to the 12 recirculating ball bearings, so I mount them directly using a special industrial adhesive for their fixing.



NOTE bearing kit:  I advise you to take them already with the basic kit so you will have already assembled them correctly and also greased for good.

12 bearings for sliding and guide of the axes



2 Z axis bars Ø20x215mm

2 Y axis bars Ø20x535mm

2 X axis bars  Ø20x800mm

NOTE bar kit  guide:  these bars are in case-hardened steel and are ground to Ø20 with a tolerance of -0.02 mm, they are not found in the bricocenter nor  in hardware stores, they are found in specialized shops for mechanical supplies, if you can cut them with a common iron saw, it means that they are not good !!! They are not cemented.

These bars are very important, they must be of the correct diameter, correct material and fit the bearings accurately as well  they must not be crooked.



1 Z axis 200mm bars

1 Y axis 524mm bars

1 X axis bars  791mm

Mounting screws

3 nuts in wear-resistant material

3 elastic joints

NOTE Trapezoid bars + nuts kit: I do not recommend using brass or bronze nuts, they have too much play and wear prematurely.

It is possible to mount recirculating ball bars on all three axes, seats are in fact provided for the use of both systems and drawings of how these parts must be are provided, this ball bar system is not supplied in kit but you can find it on the internet, you still need good skills of dexterity and technique to use this system.

Trapezoid bars kit: these are the bars connected to the stepper motors that allow the movement of the axes.

They are cut and headed to size, they are connected to the motors with special elastic couplings supplied, the nuts are made with a numerically controlled lathe with reduced working play and are made of wear-resistant material.



1 central piece 90x800mm

2 side pieces 180x800mm

Mounting screws

NOTE for the worktop: it is very important that it is still rigid, flat and well done because it gives  stability and precision to all the mechanics, I recommend that it is always in aluminum, if you opt for wood, it must be very flat, probably in MDF 20 mm thick it is a temporary acceptable fallback.

Aluminum grooved worktop kit: it is made up of three pieces already cut, headed and drilled, just screw them together.



3 Stepper motor drivers


USB interface

STOP mushroom

System reset Ut. automatic

NOTE for the electronic kit: I recommend it to those who do not have much experience in electronics, on the web there are many kits to be assembled, take them only if you are sure how to make them work, I very often receive requests for help from people who are they are found in difficulty in the assembly, and often have already damaged some electronic component during the tests.

Electronic kit: it is the complete control part of the USB interface, of the three drivers for the stepper motors, of the power supply unit. It is all ready to use and enclosed in a metal box complete with automatic power tool on / off socket, emergency button and automatic tool reset system.



3 stepper motors

Mounting screws

NOTE for the motor kit: it makes sense to take the motor kit if you then also take the electronic kit, because you are probably not very experienced in the electronic part and related program configuration, if you feel confident in making the electronic part and relative configuration yourself, you might as well take the three motors independently, I recommend, you have to be SURE you can make do with the electronics otherwise, you run the risk of spending sleepless nights attached to the forums in search of help.

Motor kit: consists of three Nema 23 stepper motors of 200 step / turn 2.5 A phase, they are already complete with cable for connection and connectors, these connectors give  the diagram of how the Pins are connected in order to be able to connect them to the electronic control part.



For electro-spindle collar Ø43 mm

Mounting screws

NOTE for the bracket:  you can also do it yourself if you are equipped with a mechanical cutter, if you want to use an electrospindle with a different attachment, the drawing I provide will be useful for sizing the new bracket.

Electrospindle bracket: it is mainly made for electrospindles with a 43 mm diameter collar, see Kress or its AMV replacement.



Mounting screws

3 limit switches

3 brackets

NOTE for the limit switch kit: you can also use the machine without limit switches, if you are still skilled in electronics, there are no great difficulties in making this system yourself without taking the kit, the most laborious thing is to make the support brackets.

Limit switch kit with brackets: consisting of three microswitches with relative support brackets, fixing screws and microswitch activation pin.




NOTE for the cable chain kit: you can find these chains on many websites, with a little dexterity you can find a solution on how to assemble them if you do not take the kit.

Cable chain

Cable chain kit: gives the machine a more professional look, it is complete with the chain and its aluminum support.



Can I have all the construction drawings of the cutter, even if I pay for it?

No, I'm sorry, I don't give  and I do not sell the construction drawings of the whole cutter, only if you take the basic kit you will also have the drawings of the remaining details necessary for the completion of the mechanics, and in any case with the basic kit you will not have the construction drawings of the pieces delivered.

I took the basic kit and received the construction drawings of the remaining parts, but I realized that some details are not able to make them, can I take them separately now?

Of course, you can take all the components in the list.

I only got the basic kit, can I get a machine that works only with this?

No, you need several other kits.

I did not take the basic kit but I would like to take only some components of the kit, is it possible?

No, I'm sorry, only if you take the basic kit you can take the remaining mechanical components, with the exception of the electronics kit which I can supply separately.

I took the basic kit but during the assembly I have mistakenly damaged / modified / lost a piece, can I have a spare part?

Yes, it is possible, but the type of piece to be replaced and its cost must be evaluated.

I finished the mechanical part and mounted the motors and electronics found on the web, but now nothing works and I have to make all the settings for the control program, can you help me?

The "bad" answer would be to tell you that if you took the one from the kit you would have less problems and I would have helped you, in reality I always try to help those in difficulty, obviously within the limits of my time and knowledge, I do not know all the electronics present on the web, there may also be mounting errors of both the motors and the driver board found who knows where.

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